Our Vision

Fight for Your Cause is an Annual Corporate Charity Boxing Event founded  in 2014.


The objective of the event is to raise money for worthy Charities and Causes in the Townsville Region.


Imagine Real Estate agent V Real estate agent, Builders, Police, Ambulance, Solicitors, Local Council representatives, Socialites, sports stars, Butchers, Business Executives all learning to box and stepping out of their comfort zones into the ring on the night for a great cause, this is not your average boxing event, it’s an event built on mateship and a passion to give back and pay it forward.


The audience of this unique event is what makes it sit in a very uncluttered market as its reach is both corporate and community incorporating all demographic’s and bringing our community together joined in solidarity to give back and help those most vulnerable.


There are various ticketing options to suit all budget requirements. Each year the event hosts guests on Corporate tables with dinner and drinks package, there are also Corporate Catered Boxes Upstairs and  General admission grand stand  tickets.


Fight for your cause has now established itself as a premier community event in our city and region and is strongly supported by local businesses, community groups and organisations big and small.


This event affords community groups, charities and worthy causes a platform to raise much needed funds and awareness of the groups and causes in a time where we are all time poor the event opens the door for those who want to help but don’t know how to do so.


Since its beginnings Fight for Your Cause has delivered a consistent and quality event that embraces the wider community and continues to grow in both numbers and recognition.


Fight For Your Cause has raised $473,000 since the inaugural event in 2014


Fight for your cause does not retain any % of donations made

100% of donations are given to the relevant charities involved in each event.



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Fight For Your Cause has Raised over $473,000 for local Townsville charities 


                  2018:  $150,000                  

2017: $120,000 

2016:     $79,100

2015:     $67,000
2014:     $57,500

2018 Charity Boxer Amy - Fundraised and presented the Peach family with a Brand New Wheelchair accessible Van !

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